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Let us school you real quick on our consultation services.

Here’s an overview of our more popular service options.

New Bicycle Purchased From BSS

We proudly represent Pinarello, Pegoretti, Parlee, Eddy Merckx, Scott, Mosaic, Shinola and Dosnoventa Bikes. By partnering with these brands, we are able to deliver you a tailored and optimized bicycle, matched to your riding style and goals. Once you are ready to begin the process of purchasing a new bicycle, our 1-on-1 appointments are conducted at no charge, so you can feel comfortable meeting with us and asking as many questions as you’d like. We meet with clients three different times throughout the new bicycle process:

Initial Visit: This is relaxed and conversational, and we spend time discussing which elements of a new bicycle are important to you. We review model and brand selection, component options and estimated timeline and costs. At the end of the visit, if you are ready to order a new bicycle, we collect a deposit and take body dimensions and current bicycle measurements.

Design Proposal and Confirmation Visit: For this visit, we recap the selections from the Initial Visit, and complete a simulation of recommended fit. We then answer any design questions and finalize model & components.

New Bicycle Delivery Visit: Your new bicycle is here, and on this visit we fine-tune your position on the bicycle, give an overview of bike functions and precautions and a final Q&A session.

New Bicycle Purchased From Another Retailer

We understand there are times when you desire to purchase a bicycle not offered by BSS, and no matter our best intentions, you have your heart set on BRAND X. That said, we are extremely confident in our ability to review a manufacturer’s catalog, pay attention to key geometry data, and guide you toward the most appropriate bicycle as it relates to handling, fit, and components. During this consultation, we’ll focus on bike fit, bike use, and component considerations.

Special Component Consulting

We have the ability to source nearly any aftermarket component for a bicycle. When you source components from BSS, we provide consulting advice, expertise, and service at no charge. If you’d like to order your components from a mail order source, or from a secondary auction site, consider our consulting services to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.