Eea Agreement Protocol 3

in the case of agreements, decisions of associations of undertakings and concerted practices in the context of distribution and supply agreements between non-competing undertakings, the amounts resulting from the sale of goods or the provision of services covered by agreements, decisions or concerted practices, as well as from other goods or services supplied by users by virtue of their kmal sea shall be considered equivalent; price and use; Officials of a Party may be present, with the agreement of the other Party, at investigations conducted in the territory of the Parties. The EEA Agreement shall not affect the rights guaranteed by existing agreements which, on the one hand, guarantee one or more EC Member States, on the one hand, and one or more EFTA States, on the other hand, or two or more EFTA States, such as.B. other agreements concerning individuals, economic operators, regional cooperation and administrative arrangements, until at least equivalent rights are acquired in the agreement. – category agreements or agreements between undertakings, 2. Loans intended for the direct or indirect financing of an EC Member State or an EFTA State or its regional or local authorities may be granted or placed in other EC or EFTA Member States only if the States concerned have reached an agreement on the matter. As regards the publication of EFTA notices in the Official Journal of the EC, in accordance with Annex XVI to the EEA Agreement, and in particular paragraph 2 (a) and (b), I have the honour to summarise the agreement we have reached as follows: in any event, relations between one of the Contracting Parties and a third country are divergent, the consultations referred to in paragraph 4 on the impact of such a derogation on the pursuit of the free movement of goods under this Agreement shall take place without delay. If such an agreement, agreement or decision is adopted despite continuing disputes between the Community and another Contracting Party concerned, Part VII of this Agreement shall apply. The governments of the EFTA States share the view that wider economic cooperation must be accompanied by progress in the social dimension of integration, which must be achieved in full cooperation with the social partners. The EFTA States wish to contribute actively to the development of the social dimension of the European Economic Area. They therefore welcome the strengthening of social cooperation with the Community and its Member States within the framework of this Agreement.

Recognising the importance of guaranteeing the fundamental social rights of workers throughout the EEA in this context, those governments endorse the principles and fundamental rights set out in the Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers of 9 December 1989, recalling the principle of subsidiarity set out therein. They note that the implementation of these rights must take due account of the diversity of national practices, in particular as regards the role of the social partners and collective agreements. For the EFTA States, the procedures are laid down in the Agreement on a Standing Committee of the EFTA States and include the following elements: 5. .

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