Rome 2 Break Trade Agreement

When you choose your allies, you must first pay attention to their loyalty. The higher it is, the more likely it is that a particular group will honour and not stab you in the back. That`s why I don`t recommend negotiating with uncertain neighbors – you can be sure that they will break previous pacts or attack you if you are least expected. In the case of loyal political groups, you can send them regular gifts to earn them slowly. Diplomacy takes place between factions in campaign mode. Diplomatic measures include declarations of war and peace, trade agreements, alliances, etc. Diplomatic action is received or can be offered on the screen of diplomacy. But you should remember that regardless of the relationships between the groups, the most important is the one that is stronger. The stronger your army, the greater the impact you have on your neighbors – you can even convince your most virulent enemies to sign a trade agreement or make it a protectorate. In extreme cases, you can be a protectorate – you have to pay tribute regularly, but your country can grow to return sooner or later to the international scene.

In such a case, there is Athens, a protectorate for Macedonia from the beginning of the game. Some diplomatic measures are one-sided, such as a declaration of war or the lifting of an alliance, while others must be agreed by both sides, such as trade agreements or alliances. A diplomatic offer may be accepted or declined directly, or a counter-offer may be made. Breaking a diplomatic agreement can lead to a weaker attitude and less reliability – see below. Both during trade and during conquest, you must gather enough strategic resources to build your most powerful buildings. The following map shows the availability of all the resources available in the game. Reliability, also known as reliability, is a rating that is given to political groups to indicate how likely they are violating agreements. Trade agreements – trade begins with a given political group. The profits depend mainly on the raw materials you have – if you don`t have enough marble for example to build Level V temples, trade agreements with the country concerned you can import this material. To start trading with another group, there must be a connection with them by land or sea. Due to the absence of such a route, some countries are not able to establish commercial relationships in the early developments of the game.

A perfect example here is Sparta. In general, you want other groups to like you, because it greatly reduces the likelihood that they will declare war on you and invade you and increase their chances of accepting different pacts/agreements/deals. Each group has an attitude towards yours, which is determined by a large number of factors. This includes: A high trust rating means that other groups are more likely to offer and accept offers or agreements with you. This reflects how you are viewed with confidence and reliability by others, and is separated from the attitude (see below) that reflects how much one group loves another group. Contrary to the attitude adopted by the group, reliability is an overall rating. This means that all factions will consider you firm or unbelievable, etc. If a political group breaks a diplomatic agreement, especially a recent agreement, the background assessment of that group will decrease. It`s not always easy to convince another faction to join your empire. You should not only ensure that diplomatic relations with these nations are at a sufficiently high level: a prosperous neighbour will generally see no reason to become your protg.

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