Telstra Uso Performance Agreement

Table A: Telstra Payphone Repair Performance by Area, 2007-08 to 2009-10 The second recommendation addressed the revision of the standards by which Telstra`s performance is measured, with a first verification to be carried out before proceeding with TUSOPA payments for GJ17. As Telstra is the primary provider declared universal service in accordance with Section 12A of the Act, the performance standards described in Part 2 and the general obligations under the provision apply only to coin-enabled telephones supplied by Telstra in accordance with the USO. Therefore, this finding does not apply to telephone booths operated by other providers, such as for example. B coin phones operated by Tritel or blue phones in hotels or room transportation services that offer such phones. · This option requires Telstra to improve existing processes in order to improve its ratio and performance in the repair of coin phones. It will likely be necessary for Telstra to engage new staff, to relocate or re-evaluate existing staff and to bear one-off costs to improve the management and reporting system. Under Option 2, Telstra will face increased costs and compliance. The increase in costs would relate to Telstra`s additional resources and efforts to meet standards and benchmarks for the installation and repair schedule, particularly in remote areas where it is well below the informal target of 90% set by ACMA. As far as urban and rural areas are concerned, Telstra is expected to have very few additional costs, as it is regularly very close to meeting or exceeding the 90% informal performance target set by acma. The term “performance standards for coin-operated telephones” has the same meaning as that of section 6 of this provision, i.e.

the standards set out in sections 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the destination, including the standards applicable with respect to the characteristics of a part transportation service; the provision of a cabin transportation service; and the reliability of a cabin transport service, such as.B. maximum time for delivery, installation and maintenance of a cabin. The explanatory memorandum to the bill states that “the current requirements for the primary universal service provider (currently Telstra) are imprecise and difficult to apply”[11]. .

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