The Mibi Agreements And The Law

By: Cathleen Noctor, Richard Lyons Published: 31-12-2012Format: Hardback As Compensation Body, provided for by the European Motor Insurance Directive 2000/26/EC, examines the claims of Irish residents involved in a road accident in another EU Member State. On the mibi agreements and the lawThe second edition of the MIBI Conventions and Law provides a comprehensive guide to the law that was built around the agreements of the Irish Automobile Insurance Bureau (emphasizing legal and general liability, with European law). It has been drafted by lawyers and deals with new rules and is totally up to date. The annexes have also been fully updated in this new edition. Content: introduction; Insurance obligation: MIBI liability; exclusion of rights; MIBI`s right to compensation: preconditions and rights decisions; Suing the MIBI: Conditions Precedent and PIAB; Property damage unknown or unknown to unknown or unknown to no owner or user; The 1% rule; MIBI`s warrants and recovery rights; Parties to appeals regarding MIBI and the satisfaction of judgments; The costs for which the plaintiff must file two appeals; The MIBI: an offshoot of the state; Visited by motorists in Ireland and Irish motorists abroad. The applicant submitted that MIBI had evidence of an intentional act to gain immediate gain in its complaint. The court accepted this and found that MIBI was correct when it stated that the vehicle had been used as a weapon to attack the complainant. The improvements proposed by the Government on the basis of the directive are as follows: the directive also sets out the procedure to be followed in making the case and, for the first time, the M.I.B.I. will have the right to intervene in cases where the warrant has not been signed and to secure copies of briefs filed in the Court of Justice concerning claims for damages against drivers of stolen or uninsured vehicles. MIBI operates the Insurance Information Centre of Ireland (MIICI). MIICI assists victims who have suffered damage and/or injury in a traffic accident by providing information about the insurer and, if applicable, the claims manager of the alleged accident vehicle.

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