City Of North Bay Site Plan Control Agreement

Pre-consultation is an opportunity to better understand your proposal and the planning process. Through the pre-consultation, staff determine the appropriate application procedure for your proposal. Staff will also determine what materials or studies your application must contain to be considered a “full application.” You need, for example. B of professional reports, such as a traffic study or an environmental assessment to support your proposal. The processing time for your application depends on the submission and/or revision of these studies in a timely manner. The full list of these reports is available on page 101 of the official plan. You need to specify a location plan and heights for this application. We recommend that you meet with the staff before filing. Staff can explain the process and discuss what else you need to provide. They can also discuss what they are looking for in the drawings. Employees do not process a non-application that is incomplete. At least one blood flow from your web plan was carried out with the corresponding comments; and full applications include a completed form, plan preparation and fees.

Planning Services staff may request additional equipment if necessary. We recommend that you meet with the staff before filing. Staff can explain the process and discuss what else you need to provide. Employees do not process a non-application that is incomplete. Under the Planning Act, only the applicant can appeal a decision to establish the construction plan. All appeals are heard by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, the provincial court, which is the final arbiter of all planning decisions. Once the pre-consultation is complete, you will receive a list of documents (for example. B hydrogeological study) or objects of action (z.B. Open House) needed to obtain a full application.

Be sure to provide or justify them in your submission for the corresponding planning request. Incomplete applications are not accepted. In order to avoid any delay in granting a building permit, you can apply simultaneously for building permits and construction plans. If time is not essential and you want to know what is required of you in the piloting agreement of the plan, it may be to your advantage to implement the agreement before applying for a building permit. You must submit a plan outline as part of each planning application. The outline or plan should make it clear that this process will help the applicant develop final plans that comply with NBMCA and other agencies` guidelines, which can save you time and money. It will help determine if you need IAD approval if construction or development is taking place in or near a restricted area in or near a river, creek, steep slope, wetland or flood zone. For more information, visit our slide authorization area on the site. If an on-site sewer is part of the project plan, you must obtain an authorization.

For more information, visit our “On-site wastewater system” section on the site. NBMCA staff will review the application and discuss it with the applicant. Staff may propose changes to the plan to comply with environmental guidelines and regulations.

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