Contributor License Agreement Github

Contributors can manage their agreements and sign new agreements on Be sure to direct users to your CONTRIBUTING file. We are not lawyers, but we can suggest using for a “Fill-in-the-blank” approach to create a CLA tailored to your needs. Current Googlers and interns do not need to sign the CLA. However, to be recognized as Googler, you must have registered your GitHub account on go/github or use your email address in git commits with the If you are contributing to a project on GitHub, you must also add this address to your GitHub account. Some teams have alternative work emails such as “” and “” As a general rule, they should be used correctly, as they have had the effect of special precautions. However, this address must continue to be added to the Googler`s GitHub account. TL;DR: Contributor licensing agreements (a “nice to have” for many company-backed open-source projects) create a development experience hostile to dues, impose a considerable administrative burden, relocate the legal liabilities of the least armed party to defend against it and are not necessary in the face of modern development tools. As part of the app, we sign up for GitHub webhooks (HTTP queries to /repo_hook) to be notified if things happen randomly and that we care about.

(In particular, we want to see further progress in order to assess whether their contributors have accepted the corresponding CTC.) Tell contributors to use the same email address for all contributions to Google projects made on behalf of the company. For projects that use git for source code management, z.B can use the git config command to set their email address. Unfortunately, as a project manager, the requirement to ensure that contributors have a signed CTC is quite complicated, for each committing to a sweater request, you must send a “legal counsel” by email to verify that they are recording a CTC (individual or company) on the record! One of the most common problems is that the git-author email of the commit is not an email address linked to a CLA. The solution is to change the git-author email as an address covered by the CTC. This email should also be added to your GitHub account. This is not necessarily the main email, but it should be on the account. For contributors covered by a corporate CTC, this should normally be their business email address, or anything that has been added to the authorized group of participants in the company`s CLA. The requirement for a contract with contributions is a sign that you intend to support your project over the long term through responsible ip management practices. Developers responsible for open source are not afraid to sign licensing agreements for contributors: they simply understand the legal implications of sharing source code with the rest of the world. CLAs can be used to make it easy for suppliers to resolve copyright disputes[1] or to reauthorize products to which third parties have received contributions. [2] CLAs are particularly important for open source projects in copyleft licensed companies, because without CLA, the contribution would also limit the tutor. There are a few cases that may lead to a contributor`s CTC not being found.

When project managers work with their corporate advisor to decide whether to add a CLA to their project, you should keep in mind that the role (and area) of the law is to advise entrepreneurs on how to minimize risk, not how best to achieve a successful open source project (the guardian`s domain). Such risk reduction measures (and the likelihood of dreaded damage occurring) must be weighed against your professional motivations (z.B your project`s objectives and long-term viability), and I would say that they should be resolved in favour of contributors and not the company: CLAHub offers a minimally frictional opportunity to have a contributor`s license agreement for your open project

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