Treasury Board Technical Services Collective Agreement

This would help the employer meet its collective agreement obligation by relieging pressure on the compensation system and compensation advisors. It should be noted that the proposed language is currently included in the collective agreement of the PA group, represented by the PSAC. The following help replaces the old Factor Allowance (PFA). The parties agree that only the holders of positions considered to be entitled to the signing of this collective agreement and/or received from PFA will receive the Correctional Service Specific Duty Allowance (CSSDA), subject to the criteria set out below. The parties have different proposals as to the duration of the revised agreement. The employer is proposing a four-year term, while the PSAC is pushing for a three-year agreement. The collective agreement already provides for the obligation to consult the PSAC before switching from mastiffs to shiftworkers and to demonstrate that such a modification is necessary for the needs of the public and/or for efficient operation. The Bargaining Agent proposes to include a whistleblower safeguard clause in the agreement. The current regulations are also included in other collective agreements, including FB, PA, SV, EB and SH. In its approach to collective bargaining and collective agreement renewal, the employer`s objective is to ensure fair compensation for workers while respecting its overall fiscal responsibility and obligations to government and Canadian priorities.

The Government of Canada is committed to negotiating in good faith with all public sector bargaining agents. The Government`s approach is to negotiate appropriate agreements for Canadian workers, negotiators and taxpayers. The employer`s position is that there is no need or justification to erase the language and pay full ongoing compensation for work-related injuries, illnesses or illnesses. Current practice and existing policies clearly offer far greater benefits than other employers in the public and private sectors. The current language is identical to what is contained in all CPA collective agreements and is consistent with the employer`s guidelines that apply to all workers. The maximum compensation of 12 hours is currently only included in six other collective agreements and only two other agreements have both a maximum compensation of 12 hours and 15 hours for travel outside north America. .

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