Let’s Get To It.

Bicycle Speed Shop is the place for discerning cyclists to get skilled service, dynamic 3D bike fitting and high performance products. Bring us your bike, we’ll make it faster.

We do this because we can. And we refuse to sacrifice quality for a buck. We’re here to do well and ride fast.

Opened by experienced cyclist Brian Jones, Bicycle Speed Shop is the place to go when you need professionally trained mechanics, stocked components and the most up-to-date cycling technologies in the industry.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Brian Jones is a Canadian, Texan, Father of two amazing women - Kyra and Rio, LSU Tiger Fan, Astros Baseball Fan, Dog Lover, Cat 1 Road Racer, certified Retul and Gebiomize Bike Fitter and a Barnett Certified Bicycle Mechanic.

A competitive triathlete from 2002-2006, Brian raced locally in short and sprint distance competitions and twice at Ironman Florida and a final race at Ironman Switzerland. Finding an early home with GS Tenzing, Brian enjoyed the team atmosphere of cycling and the camaraderie of his fellow cyclists. In 2007, he completed RAAM (Ride Across America) in the team category.

Houston is a great city – and Brian wants to put it on the world map of cycling. Better bikes, faster bikes, more cyclists, and more cycling awareness.

Ryan Strayer

Ryan Strayer

Getting from point A to point B on a bicycle just makes sense to me. I loved it as a kid and I love it now. In college I would study at a coffee shop in downtown Columbus, Ohio where bike messengers would filter in and out. Seeing the Columbus messengers started a flame in me to pursue doing what I love.

I’m not really a bike racer and I’m not after winning triathlons, but I’m a passionate rider dedicated to the joy of bikes. My DIY ethic, experience as a bike messenger and then technical training has given me a practical skill set to service some the best bikes in the world. At the Bicycle Speed Shop, I spend my time wheelbuilding, servicing bikes, taking photos & bringing what we love to the eyes of others. I’m proud of every wheel and bicycle that leaves the shop, but I’m even more proud to work with people who are just as dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. Outside of shop life, I’m lucky to be loved by wife Rebecca and our sons, Henry and Evan.

We only carry brands we love.