Let’s Get Faster.

Bicycle Speed Shop offers a full list of repair and upkeep services to make your bike faster, and to custom-fit your needs. Our technicians are the best around. Chances are, we can get you around that turn quicker than you’re used to.

Services We Provide

Building detailed, custom bicycles

Wheelbuilding & wheel repair, including tubular gluing

Power meter installation, calibration & troubleshooting

Bearing service, including complete Chris King bearing care and ceramic bearing upkeep

Ceramic bearing upgrades

New component installation

Thorough component & drivetrain cleaning with use of an ultrasonic cleaner as well as a parts washer

How Pricing Works

Price estimates may be given if a bicycle is brought to the shop. Service is simple; we charge an hourly rate of $100.

If you're seeking a simple drivetrain wash or a complete overhaul, we charge accordingly and will complete just what is asked.

Labor dollars reflect minutes spent on a project, whether it's 15 minutes or multiple hours. We take these minutes seriously and will not return a project incomplete, dirty or without a test drive.

Too busy to get here? We can pick up your ride.

Call the shop to schedule: 713-876-6984. Fees may apply.

What Makes Us The Best.

  • We take our time to do precise repairs and builds of our customers bikes.
  • Our focus is on detail and, more importantly, accountability of safety.
  • We use only the best tools, parts, cleaners, and lubricant.
  • We always use proper manufacturer torque settings for safety and warranty requirements.
  • All employees that touch your bike are Certified Barnett Mechanics.
  • Bicycle Speed Shop is always up-to-date with the latest technology and training.